Analysis and Phylogeny-based amino acid Sequences of Cytochrome-b gene among some River Nile teleostei species from Qena, Egypt

El-Mahdi, M.B.M.

  • El-Mahdi, M.B.M. Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology, Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena 83523, Egypt
Keywords: Phylogeny, River Nile, teleostei, evolutionary adaptation, Cytochrome-b, Siluformes, Qena


Previous study reported the nucleotide sequences of partial
mitochondrial DNA cytochrome-b gene from seven
River Nile teleostei species (EL-Mahdi 2018), where DNA
sequences belonged to Siluformes species possessed
three-nucleotides deletion, also the phylogenetic-based
nucleotide sequences outlined grouping of genetically
close related species to the family level. Accordingly, the
current study was designed to analyse:1) the deduced
amino acid sequence of reported Cytochrome-b gene
DNA portions, also consequence of three-nucleotide deletion
on protein translation in studied Siluformes species.
2) phylogenetic relationship-based amino acids sequences
among studied River Nile teleost species. Obtained
results clarified impact of the reported threenucleotide
deletion on DNA translation that caused a
missed amino acid (codon) in the final translated protein
of Siluformes species. This would accounted for
Siluformes monophyletic evolutionary adaptations due
to such kind of amino acid-related signature. Amino acid
composition delinate a bias towards leucine and anti
glycene amino acid contents, and high level of conservation
patterns. Phylogenetic analysis displayed high
level of evolutionary relatedness and residues conservation
between studied species which indicated a closer
genetic relationship among them, also with other representative
species. The driven molecular phylogenetic
tree established the relations of studied species clearly,
where tree branching patterns reflected their highly similar
cytochrome-b protein informational contents. Obtained
data outlined here are probably useful for fish