Attitudes of Educational Philosophy of the Knowledge Society in the New Basic School Curriculum from the Teachers' Point of View in Gaza Governorate

  • محمود عبد المجيد عساف جامعة فلسطين
Keywords: Educational Philosophy, Knowledge Society, New Curriculum


   The study aimed to identify the main orientations of the educational philosophy of the knowledge society in the new basic school curriculum from the point of view of the teachers and to find out if there were statistically significant differences between the average scores of the sample members for these trends due to the variables: (Sex, educational qualification)               To achieve the objectives, the researchers followed the descriptive / analytical approach by applying a questionnaire consisting of (50) paragraphs divided into (4) main directions, on a sample of (242) teachers and teachers Of the basic schools (1-10) in Gaza Governorate. The results showed that the total degree of appreciation of the sample on the orientations of the educational philosophy of the knowledge society in the new curriculum was significant at a relative weight of 79.77%. The field of information technology trends ranked first with a relative weight of 80.57% Related content) ranked last with relative weight (79.22%). There were no statistically significant differences due to the gender variable, except in the field of (Philosophy of Information Technology) where the differences were in favor of the female teachers. There are differences of statistical significance due to the variable of scientific qualification in favor of (postgraduate) in all fields except In the field of (philosophy of the teacher). The study recommended the re-training of teachers on the awareness of information culture and the areas of application to the curriculum content.