The Effect of The Flipped Learning Strategy for The Development of Music Achievement for High Stage Students

  • Abdullah Saad Sabra south valley university
  • badrya Ali Hassan south valley university
  • Ali Hassan Abady south valley university


   The current research aim  to identify the impact of the flipped learning strategy on developing musical achievement among high school students, the research included a major question which is: What is the effect of the flipped learning strategy on developing musical achievement in high school students? The researcher used a quasi-experimental approach, The sample of the research consisted of (30) students from the New EL Maragha Secondary School, EL Maragha Educational Administration, Sohag Governorate and They were randomly selected and then they were divided into two equal groups, one of which is experimental and is taught by using the flipped learning strategy and the other is a control that is  taught according to the  traditional method followed.                       

         The research results concluded that:                          

_There is a statistically significant difference at the 0.05 level between the mean scores of the experimental group and the control group in the post measurement test in the musical achievement test in favor of the experimental group.                 

         In light of the search results, the research recommended:        

  1. Duecare to continousely training of teachers of music education on an ongoing basis on all that is new in terms of teaching methods or modern strategies that work to keep pace with the requirements of the times.

 2.Adopting the flipped learning strategy in teaching music education because of its positive impact in improving the ability to raise the rate of academic achievement in music education.

3.Developing the course of music education to be taught by modern teaching strategies.

4.Encourage teachers to use modern techniques in teaching in order to keep pace with the developments of the times and meet the needs of students.