Aesthetic values of metal work inspired from Architecture the Ancient Egyptian Art

  • mohamed zaghelol Qoubesy south valley university
  • Mohamed Elsayed Kamel south valley university


   This research includes explaining the aesthetics of the various metal pendants and artifacts, including the aesthetics of ancient Egyptian art, where ancient Egyptian art originated as a separate art from the rest of the other arts. Spirit, arithmetic, punishment, good and bad, what works for the soul and guides the hearts in a way of drawing, and they began to express their lives through drawing on the walls, especially the walls of temples and columns that are filled with events, whether social or worldly, so distinguish ancient Egyptian art from the rest of the arts, especially the Metalware from jewelry, waistcoats, amulets and decorations. Where the research contributes to shedding light on mineral ores commonly used in the ancient Egyptian, including (gold - silver), with analysis and characterization of samples of metal artifacts used from the elements of ancient Egyptian art .