Training Needs for using e-learning for Faculty Members and their Assistants in the Kindergarten Division

  • hassan Hamdy Ahmed south valley university


   The present study aims to identify the training needs (teaching skills, research skills, technical skills) needed for the faculty members of the College of Education kindergarten program for their use of e-learning in the development of organized learning during the outbreak of the new Coronavirus. A questionnaire was distributed to the faculty members in a simple randomized manner. The total number of the final responses to the questionnaires was (106), according to which they identified the training needs in the five fields, and by using iterations, percentages, arithmetic means, standard deviations, and the T test. The descriptive approach was employed by using a survey. Results of the study:

1.There is agreement in the training needs of the faculty members in all skills included in the questionnaire.

  1. The highlighted training needs of faculty members in the field of teaching skills include: planning and designing teaching in accordance with recent developments such as digital transformation, and the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. The study encourages faculty members to use various self-organizing practices using e-learning for sustainable development and creative and critical thinking for students.
  2. The most prominent training needs of faculty members in the field of research skills include: publishing research in high impact international scientific journals and presenting research in international conferences.
  3. The most prominent training needs for faculty members in the field of technical skills include: designing and implementing educational course through digital transformation especially during the outbreak of coronavirus "Covid-19".
  4. A proposed vision to develop that the requirements of the digital age and provide assistance to achieve leadership in the educational, research and training fields. The organizational development includes introducing regulations that support academic programs in accordance with professional performance indicators. Raising awareness of the emerging virus Covid-19 to ensure the continuous development of all elements of the technical, instructional and administrative system of the college in order to create an academic environment supportive of change and development and achieve leadership and excellence for all programs, services and activities .