Effect of Cadmium on Testis and the protective effect of Vitamin C in different age groups of male Albino Rat

  • Dorreia.A.M. Zaghlol
  • AhmedT.G. Ahmed
  • Maha.A.A. Fahmi
  • Ahmed.E.A. Hassan
Keywords: Cadmium chloride, testicular toxicity, different age groups, antioxidant effect , vitamin C.


Background : Cadmium(Cd) is one of the most toxic environmental pollutant that can affect major
physiological functions of the body. Many studies have shown that Cd can induce oxidative damage to the
Objective : The current study was aimed to investigate the effects of Cd on testis among different age groups
and whether vitamin C could protect against Cd-induced toxicity.
Material and method: Male albino rats of three different age groups(2weeks,4weeks and 10weeks) were
divided into 3 groups: I,II ,III. Each group is subdivided into three subgroups A,B and C. GroupA( control),
groupB(received Cdcl2 200mg/l) via drinking water for four weeks while Group C(received vitamin C
supplementation at dose of 1.5g/l) via drinking water for four weeks .
Results : Cd caused hazardous arrangement of seminiferous tubules with wide interstitial spaces in between
and multiple vacuoles appeared between spermatogenic cell populations. These effects was similar in the three
age groups.. Also , it is found that vitamin C supplementation provided beneficial effects by reversing cdinduced testicular changes.