Comparative Study of three different embryo transfer media in ICSI cycles

  • Ahmed Mowafy Ibrahim
  • Hazem Hashem Ahmed
  • Hazem Mohamed Abdel-Ghaffar
  • Ahmed Hashem Abdellah
Keywords: embryo transfer media, embryo transfer technique, improvement of implantation,


Objectives: The aim of this study is to compare the efficacy of three different media used for embryo transfer;
Hyaluronan-enriched media "Embryo Glue®", 30% Protein-supplemented Culture Medium "Global Total®"
and Autologous Follicular Fluid (AFF) (a Novel technique) regarding pregnancy rate, clinical pregnancy
rate, implantation rate, ongoing pregnancy and miscarriage rates in ICSI cycles.
Study design: prospective randomized uncontrolled clinical trial
Setting: Assisted reproduction unit, Qena university hospital, Qena, Egypt
Patients: 210 infertile patients underwent ICSI cycles at assisted reproduction unit, Qena University hospital,
South Valley University, Egypt after complete infertility evaluation.
Main Outcome Measure(s): (i)Primary outcome: Pregnancy rate as assessed by quantitative β hCG in the
serum. (ii)Secondary outcome: Clinical pregnancy rate as assessed by ultrasonic visualization of
intrauterine gestational sac, Implantation rate, Ongoing pregnancy and miscarriage rates.
Result(s): The results for the three embryo transfer media; hyaluronan-supplemented media(Embryo Glue®)
30% protein-supplemented media (Global Total®) and Autologous follicular fluid (AFF) were (51.56%,
50.77% and 51.52% respectively) for pregnancy rate, (48.44%, 47.69% and 48.48% respectively)for
clinical pregnancy rate, (81.82%, 78.79% and 79.41% respectively)for ongoing pregnancy, (18.18%,
20.59% and 21.21% respectively) for miscarriage rate and (35.25%, 31.54% and 35.19% respectively) for
implantation rate.
Conclusion(s): The results are comparable in the three arms of the study hyaluronan-supplemented media
(Embryo Glue®), 30% protein-supplemented media (Global Total®) and the novel Autologous follicular
fluid (AFF) as regard pregnancy rate, clinical pregnancy, ongoing pregnancy and miscarriage rates. While
implantation rate was higher in Embryo-Glue and AFF arms than Global Total.