The Scientific Research Center is responsible for promoting and fomenting scientific research at South Valley University. The aims of the center are:
1. To support and carry out basic scientific research that will advance society’s general knowledge of our world.
2. To use applied science to answer questions and issues facing our communities.
3. To provide specific responses based on sound scientific principles to government and private sector initiatives.
4. To publish quality scientific articles, or to assist in their publication.
5. To organize scientific seminars and conferences at the university or elsewhere.
6. To maintain on-going relationships with other scientific centers in Egypt that will support collaboration on scientific research.


  • مجلة العلوم التربوية بكلية التربية بقنا - جامعة جنوب الوادي

    تهدف مجلة كلية التربية بقنا إلى نشر البحوث والدراسات والمقالات ذات المستوى العلمي المتميز في مجالات المناهج وطرق التدريس وعلم النفس واصول التربية باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية وتخضع البحوث والدراسات للبحث والمراجعة من قبل أساتذة مرموقين فى المجالات التخصصية المختلفة  من حيث اتباعها لأصول كتابة التقارير العلمية ..

  • مجلة كلية الآداب بقنا


    دوريــــة أكـاديمـيـة علمـية محكمــة

    تُعنى بنشر الدراســات الإنسانيـة

  • Journal of Faculty of Archaeology at South Valley University

    مجلة كلية الآثار (قنا) هي مجلة علمية سنوية محكمة لنشر البحوث والدراسات الآثارية المختلفة كمجالات الآثار والمتاحف والحفاظ عليها ، صدرت منذ عام 2006. حيث تستقبل أبحاثها بعدة لغات مختلفة (العربية والإنجليزية والفرنسية والألمانية) .

    Journal of Faculty of Archeology (Qena) is an annual, well-established scientific journal for the publication of research and Different studies in the fields of archeology, museums and Conservation, It has been issued since 2006. Its research is received in several languages, Arabic, English, French and German .

  • SVU-International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

    SVU-IJAS is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open access international journal published by Faculty of Agriculture, South Valley University. The journal is devoted to publish original research results, reviews, short communications, editorial letter and case reports on all aspects relating to Agricultural Sciences.

     p-ISSN: 2636-3801

     e-ISSN: 2636-381X

     Published since : 2019
  • SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences

    SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences [SVU-IJMS] ; ISSN: (online) 2636-3402 ; is an open acess, international, peer-reviewed journal that considers high quality, well conducted  translational and clinical researches across all medical disciplines( original research article, review articles, case reports,short communication reserach and letter to editor) once it will adds novality and new data to the literature wheather in the medicine or surgery. Accepted article will be available online after short time of acceptance. The journal publishes two issues per year (January issue / July issue) exclusively in SVU-IJMS has a broad area and is not only confined to surgery, internal medicine, Medical Biochemistry and molecular Biology, Genetics, infectious disease, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, and neurology. But, instead can include articles from the related fields such as studies in clinical areas like immunology, biophysics, translational medicine, personalized medicine, anesthesia, cardiovascular medicine, complementary medicine, dentistry, pathology,  pharmacology and therapeutics, dermatology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, drugs and medicines, nutrition and metabolism, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, hematology, psychiatry, radiology, pediatrics, urology, epidemiology, ethnic studies.

  • Journal of South Valley University for Environmental Researches

    JSVUES is a peer-reviewed journal established in 2010 and  published by Center of Community Service and Envoronmental Affairs at South Valley University. It aims to foster interdisciplinary communication and promote understanding of significant environmental issues. The journal seeks to publish significant and novel research on the fate and behaviour of emerging contaminants, human impact on the environment, human exposure to environmental contaminants and their health effects, and environmental remediation and

  • SVU-Journal of Abstracts

    SVU-Journal of Abstracts is a brief summary of research articles and thesis, published in SVU journals. It is used to help the reader quickly ascertain papers purposes and content.

  • SVU-International Journal of Physical Therapy and Science

    South uth Valley University-International journal of physical therapy and science (SVU-IJPTS) is the official journal of Physical Therapy Faculty at South Valley University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • Journal of Educational Sciences: Hurghada Faculty of Education

    Quarterly Reviewed periodical scientific journal published by South Valley University. It is specialized for publishing research and studies in various areas of educational knowledge in curricula and methodology.

  • SVU-International Journal of Veterinary Sciences

    SVU-IJVS is a peer-reviewed international open-access official Veterinary Journal of the South Valley University, Egypt and publishes original research articles dealing with Veterinary sciences.
    SVU-IJVS is now on Egyptian Knowledge Bank:

  • SVU-International Journal of Basic Sciences

    The official journal of the South Valley University, Qena, Egypt. The IJBS examines the entire range of basic science topics. The journal features peer-reviewed original and review articles on such topics as: Geology, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medical science, Microbiology, Natural science, Statistics, Physics, and other related applied basic sciences fields.

  • SVU-International Journal of Educational Sciences

    South Valley University International Journal of Educational Sciences is Electronic Journal include, but are not limited to psychology, Mental Health, Comparative Education, Educational Technologyو Curriculum and Methedology , So The Journal welcomes and publishes insightful   Educational Sciences related research.

  • SVU-International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Applications.

    SVU-IJESA  is an open access journal publishes original papers, review articles, short communications, and letters to the editor.  The scope of SVU-IJESA is concerned with multidisciplinary engineering research topics in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and advanced applications.