The Style of Sayd Mekkawy in Expressing The Words of Foaad Haddad in The Radio Program “From Noor Elkhyaal and Sune Alagyal at Cairo History”

  • اماني عبدالشهيد سعيد South Valley University


   The aim of the search Recognizing The style of Sayd Mekkawy in expressing the words of Foaad Haddad in the radio program “from noor elkhyaal and sune alagyal at cairo history and getting benefits from the Musical art works of Sayed Mekawey and Foaad Hadad which were introduced in the radio broadcasted program in teaching Arabic music and writing some songs which were introduced in the program to be used as a research sample. The researcher could find the (results – answers) for the research questions and determined the following , Sayed Mekawey’s melodies is characterized by  simplicity and depth at the same time, His melodies are considered from the easy abstain melodies, his Musical fingerprint is easy to  be recognized  through his melodies and through the analyzing of the researcher and discovering Sayed Mekawey’s  technique , Sayed Mekawey chose the song technique to be able for improvisation and) musical review his singing , This study helps in teaching (tasting the Arabic music course and the Arabic word composition course) .