Tonality and Rhythmic features of Theme and Variations of Anton Dvořák Op36

  • ريهام محمد متولي south valley university
Keywords: Anton Dvořák


The research examined the emergence of the Romantic movement in the late 18th century, its dramatic features and the bold hormonal transitions between the Diatonics, and the appearance of these features in the music of the national school around the middle of the nineteenth century. And the character of the musician Dvorak as one of the most important founders of the national movement, and also dealt with the study Theme and variations and one of the formulas used by Dvorak in his work in the Romantic era The sample of the study dealt with the formula of Theme and variations in Dvorak's work (36), the basic melody and var.1.The study used a descriptive approach to content analysis. The study recommended the analysis of different styles of the works of the composer Dvorak and the identification of his style of composition, research and exploration in the national music of the Romantic era to identify the features National music of its authors.