Analytical analysis of the method of technical performance and expression of the concerto Grosso duo of Antonio Vivaldi of the violin machine

  • Samira Saleh Mohamed south valley university
  • محمود محمد عبدالحميد بيومي
  • Mostafa Qadry Ali
  • انجي الفي انور
Keywords: Method of Technical Performance and Expression, Duo Concerto Grosso, Antonio Vivaldi, Violin Machine


The research aims to learn about the style of Antonio Vivaldi through his composition of the double concerto, and the research was written by the duo concerto Grosso Lvivaldi because of its technical methods and performance.

research tools were  the musical code, and the instrumental techniques directed by the concerto by the researcher

The Vivaldi style in the Concordian duo of Vivaldi, the theoretical and theoretical analysis of the Vivaldi double concerto, the expressive techniques of the Lvivaldi duo concerto, and the performance techniques found in the du Vivaldi Concerto.

The researcher recommends the interest of the authors of the Baroque era, especially the works of Vivaldi, and the establishment of an audio library in specialized colleges.

Author Biography

Samira Saleh Mohamed, south valley university

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