Media legislation and its Educational Implications on the Development of Health Awareness in Preschool Child: An Analytical Study

  • Mostafa Ahmed Abdallah south valley univesity
Keywords: media legislation, health awareness, preschool child


The audio-visual media, especially TV, have many pros and cons that affect the life of every individual in the community. Nevertheless, audio-visual media include some risks that affect the formation of awareness and attitudes of individuals, especially children in the preschool age. This is evident in the light of what is addressed in the media programs, advertisements, songs and what they advertise of daily products, services, and guidelines directed to the child which in one way or another affects the child's personality and his intellectual,  physical, and health state. Therefore, many developed and developing countries paid great attention to issuing laws and legislation that regulate the content of such advertisements and programs so that the positive educational impact on developing  the preschool children`s health awareness can be achieved, with an ultimate view  to maintain the health of the child and protect  him from  unsound harmful diseases and behaviors.

Author Biography

Mostafa Ahmed Abdallah, south valley univesity

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