The Dimensions of Computer Thinking in Pre - University Education

  • Naglaa Fares
Keywords: computer thinking


    This research aimed to determine the dimensions of computational thinking in Stages of pre-university education, it is a pattern of thinking imposed by technological development in various fields of life, which necessitates the need for educators to pay attention to this ofpattern thinking to prepare a generation possessing the elements of production and innovation and thinking of new methods, making it able to compete globally on the economic level, which contribute to national security, identify, expand and enhance the computing pathways and career opportunities of the 21st century IT professional, develop student competencies in dealing with concepts and the methods, techniques and tools associated with the computer, was based on computer thinking on five pattern of thinking supporting him, namely: (procedural thinking, abstract thinking, ahead thinking, logical thinking, Concurrently thinking), and the dimensions of computational thinking in the stage of pre-university education in ten dimensions, Three stages,   the primary stage included three dimensions: (the ability to collect data, the design of algorithms, the translation of ideas for procedures), the preparatory stage included: (the ability to detect and correct errors, the ability of reasoning, the ability to abstract thinking), the secondary stage included: (ability to criticism and analysis, ability to innovate, studying of machine intelligence, the ability to solve of the problems with the computer). The study recommended the need to focus on computational thinking in the pre-university education stages, and to provide learners with the knowledge and skills related to them that they need to be able to do by systematic way, they deal with abstractions and set procedures to solve of the  problems. they are able to detect errors in the way they handle things, and optimize the use of computers, software, and electronics in every science of life that students specialize in. for maximum employment.