The Scientific Research Center is responsible for promoting and fomenting scientific research at South Valley University. The aims of the center are:
1. To support and carry out basic scientific research that will advance society’s general knowledge of our world.
2. To use applied science to answer questions and issues facing our communities.
3. To provide specific responses based on sound scientific principles to government and private sector initiatives.
4. To publish quality scientific articles, or to assist in their publication.
5. To organize scientific seminars and conferences at the university or elsewhere.
6. To maintain on-going relationships with other scientific centers in Egypt that will support collaboration on scientific research.


  • SVU-International Journal of Veterinary Sciences

    SVU-IJVS is a peer-reviewed international open access official Veterinary Journal of the South Valley University, Egypt and publishes original research articles dealing with Veterinary sciences.

  • SVU-International Journal of Basic Sciences

    SVU-International Journal of Basic Sciences (IJBS) is a double blind peer reviewed e-journal with a strong Editorial Board and a tested rapid peer review system. IJBS provides an open access forum for scientists, scholars, researchers and student to exchange their research work, technical notes & surveying results among professionals through out the world in e-journals publications.

  • SVU-International Journal of Educational Sciences

    South Valley University International Journal of Educational Sciences is Electronic Journal include, but are not limited to psychology, Mental health, Comparative education, Educational Technologyو curriculum and Methedology , So the journal welcomes and publishes insightful   Educational Sciences related research.

  • SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences

    SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences

    • SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences (SVU-IJMS) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of technological advances in medicine and surgery, as well as a broad range of related topics.

    • SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences (SVU-IJMS) also publishes community-based research that is much more valuable in developing countries as well as researches integrating recent technology advances into the field of medicine and surgery.

    • SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences (SVU-IJMS) publishes original clinical reports and clinically relevant experimental studies, as well as short communications presenting new results of special interest.

    • With peer review by a respected international editorial board and prompt English-language publication, the journal provides rapid dissemination of information by authors from around the world. This particular feature makes it the journal of choice for readers who want to be informed about the continuing state of the art concerning basic sciences and the diagnosis and management of diseases of the head and neck on an international level.

    • Open access: All articles published by SVU-IJMS are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.

    • Open access publishing is not totally free of charge. SVU-IJMS levies an article-processing charge for each article accepted for publication.

  • SVU-International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Applications

    SVU-International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Applications