Prepare A Program in The Islamic Culture Based On Self-Regulated Learning For Developing Some Religious Concepts And Tourism Attitudes Of Faculty Of Tourism And Hotels Students


There are Intellectual and behavioral deviations in the current age, and Many intellectual deviations appeared, the features of Islam have been distorted, In the age of globalization and progress which made learners away from their religion and its concepts which led to deviation from religious concepts and its aims, this led to the emergence of many misconceptions among learners. So, it is necessary to present religious concepts in general, and ethical concepts in particular, to the learners in general and to the students in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in particular, during the stages of their lives as portrayed by the Islamic religion. because tourism is one of the important things that the Islamic law called for and the Islamic instructions called for Emotional tourism Which is represented in the struggle and literature and to achieve great morals. To enrich the correct understanding, it was necessary to look at the Islamic culture and its concepts in terms of legitimate and human responsibility entrusted to it to face deviant ideas and misconceptions scientific confrontation with the philosophy of Islam and his right vision.


Citation: Salam, prepare a program in the Islamic culture based on self-regulated learning for Developing some religious concepts and tourism attitudes of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Students. SVU-Journal of abstract 2019, Vol.1: pp9 (retrieved from the Journal of Educational Sciences; 2018, No.34; pp220)

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