The Effectiveness of the Negotiating Entry to the Teaching Philosophy in the Development of Skills Mind Enlightenment and Decision-Making to High School Students

  • Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Abo El Hassan, Dr. Faculty of Education, South Valley University


      The current search aimed to Identify the Effectiveness of the Negotiating entry to the teaching philosophy in the development of skills mind Enlightenment and Decision-making to high school students. The study sample consisted of (60) female students, (30) female students of the Experimental group and (30) of the control group, a handbook has been prepared for female students which contain reform elation to unit as sassed on the female students in the first semester 2016/2017, an instructor manual has been to guide in teaching the unit of the subject of the study, has been prepared also which were negotiating entry, which has been reset study and apply after that on female students ( research group ) the results of the study pointed to the following the Effectiveness of the use of negotiating entry in teaching philosophy in the development of mind Enlightenment skills and Decision-making to female students of the high school students, these results were from atmosphere which the negotiating entry was provided of thinking excite metal which helped in mind enlightenment development and decision-making.