Analytical Study of Some of The Compositions of" Jameel Bashir "on The Oud Machine and The Extent of Enriching The Methods of PlayingThe Iraqi School on The Machine

  • Omar Abdelsatar South Valley University


This research aimed at  possibility of identifying  the musical compositions of "Jamil Bashir" on the Oud instrument, to recognize his style of playing through the analysis of some of his compositions, to benefit from his style of playing to acquire some musical skills,The researcher noted through reading some of the musical compositions of Oud players in the State of Iraq and by playing some of these works, apart from the composer and instrumentalist Jameel Bashir, "with new skills,The style of "Jameel Bachir" was characterized by the performance of the oud playing machine in the western style. The lack of performance in the Turkish style, the experimentation and the scarcity of continuous feather use. The use of inverted and triangular feathers,
The most important musical skills that can be gained from the "Jamil Bachir" method in playing the oud instrument are the use of four-melodic compositions consisting of five small triangles (Diminoched 7), performance such as Tremello, The performance of the installation, the performance of the harmonic ions, the octave distance and the octave.