Analytical Study of the Piano Prelude at Arthur Foote

  • آمنه صابر السيد South Valley University


   This research aimed to  do an analytical study for the compositions which are amended for piano prelude op.52 by Arthur Foote, to identify the musical elements and styles of these compositions, to identify the technical difficulties, and spot light  on these uncommon compositions in the specialized faculties. The research The researcher expressed the reason for discussing the subject of this research, that while she was teaching playing piano in the college, she noticed the rarity of playing piano prelude among the performance programs in the college or the activity programs, although this kind of performance helps in developing  the art skills of the piano player, as well as developing the musical character ,This drove the researcher to make a survey study  by asking professional professors of piano. The results confirmed that piano prelude po.52 is a good work and applicable for teaching at the University an, holds the characteristics of the American school, illustrates the features of twentieth century and contains a lot of techniques and important musical skills Therefore, the researcher saw the importance of dealing with it by study and analysis.