Nubian Architecture in the Works of Some Egyptian Photographers

  • مؤمن جمال
  • ا.د طلعت عبدالمتعال شحاتة south valley university
  • ام.د فاطمة الزهراء كمال رشوان south valley university
  • د.اكرام فاروق الشاطر south valley university


 The research focused on Nubian Architecture and its aesthetics in the work of Egyptian formation artists, and the researcher explains the artwork that touched on Nubian architecture in the work of some artists with a technical analysis of some of those works, and includes research on two sections: the first section examines the identification of some of the artists who took up Nubian architecture before sinking and the researcher displays some of the Works of artist Saif Wanli and Beckar, the second section then examines some of the artists who took the newly Nubian architecture after sinking and the researcher presents some of the works of artist Ahmed Dindrawi and Farid Fadel, Finally the researcher presents the findings and recommendations of the research