Publication Rules

  1. Papers shall be sent to the Center for Scientific Publications provided that the research submitted is within its competence.
  2. Papers will be published online version.
  3. All submitted articles will go under a review process by 2 reviewers.
  4. Papers should be typed in MS Word (.doc format) (Times New Roman) Font.
  5. Paper should be formatted in 1.5 Line Spacing.
  6. The Papers should follow the APA Style version 6.
  7. The Papers through the e-mail of the Journal includes in doc and pdf format, and Arabic and English abstract for in no more than 300 words in doc and  pdf  format.
  8. All Papers are published in the journal free of charge.
    If hard copies are requested, an application will be sent via e-mail to the Journal.
  9. Figures can be submitted only in high-resolution Tiff, Png, or jpeg formats. There is no limitation on the number of figures and Tables can be submitted Word as (.doc), Excel (.xls) formats etc. Each table must contain a brief title of no more than one sentence, placed above the table with the table number (Table 1).