Complete Cervico-vaginal Prolapse (CVP) in a Ewe

  • Ahmed Saad Ahmed Hassaneen Department of Theriogenology, Obstetrics and Artificial Insemination, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University 83523, Qena, Egypt


A four-years-old pluriparours (parity; n=2) pregnant Kanze/Dershawy ewe, of a body weight about 40 kg at Halayeb city, Red Sea province, Egypt was presented with a history of restlessness, straining, and appearance of a permanent/complete cervico-vaginal prolapse as a smooth, red, and rounded mass at the rear end of the ewe. There was no history of previous cervico-vaginal prolapse during or after previous pregnancies. Complete procedures of the appropriate successful treatment were described in this study. Briefly, treatment was performed under caudal epidural analgesia; the prolapsed mass was immediately covered with a towel soaked in water, examined for presence of injuries/rupture, raised to evacuate the urinary bladder, replaced by manual fist pressure and by the flat of hands, and finally retention suture was used to prevent the possible reoccurrence. The suture material had been removed before lambing, and the owner was advised to cull the ewe or at least excluded from further breeding.

Prepartum complete cervico-vaginal prolapse in a ewe