Some values of tolerance in the Islamic educational thought and how to strengthen them within the Egyptian universities to confront community violence

  • Nancy Ahmed Fouad, Dr. Faculty of Education, South Valley University
Keywords: the value of the registry, Egyptian universities, community violence


Some registry values in educational thought Islamic and how to strengthen it. within the Egyptian universities to address community violence. The study aims to reveal the concept of tolerance and the obstacles standing in the way of the spread of this concept in the Egyptian society, the unfinished study also advertises the most important values of tolerance in the Islamic Educational thought and published in the community. It also study imagine a proposal to promote the values of tolerance within universities airline to face repressive violence. on the descriptive approach adopted analytical study to analyze some of the verses of the Qur'an and the hadith Sharif and some of the sayings of educational THINKERS on the values of tolerance to develop meaningful indications.



Citation: Fouad and Ibrahem., Requirements of Electronic Management in the Management of Kindergarten Institutions. SVU-Journal of abstract 2019, Vol.1: pp16 (retrieved from the Journal of Educational Sciences; 2018, No.35; pp 162)

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Fouad, Nancy Ahmed. 2019. “Some Values of Tolerance in the Islamic Educational Thought and How to Strengthen Them Within the Egyptian Universities to Confront Community Violence”. SVU-Journal of Abstracts 1 (1), 16.