Molecular phylogeny of some Red Sea Parrotfishes (Scaridae) Inferred from Partial Mitochondrial Cytochrome b DNA Sequences

El-Mahdi, M.B.M.

  • El-Mahdi, M.B.M. Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology, Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena 83523, Egypt
Keywords: Parrotfishes, cytochrome-b, Molecular phylogeny, Coral reef, Red Sea


DNA fragments of mitochondrial cytochrome b gene
were efficiently amplified from four Parrotfishes
(Scaridae) species: Scarus collana Rüppell 1835; Scarus
frenatus Lacepède 1802; Scarus (Chlorurus) sordidus
Forsskål 1775 and Scarus niger Forsskål 1775 using cytochrome
b gene’s specific primers. Analysis of obtained
DNA sequence exhibited high nucleotides identity/
similarity which reflected a close genetic relationship
and shared ancestry among studied parrotfishes. Nucleotide
composition of studied partial cytochrome b sequences
displayed anti-guanine contents and preference
towards AT contents, also revealed a favoritism towards
higher DNA base conservations. Phylogentic analysis
under Maximum likelihood (ML) and Unweighted
pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPMGA) statistic
approaches reflected species assembly/grouping patterns
among studied species and/with other included
representatives taxa which confirmed their similar genetic
formation and probably to have better niche cosurviving.
The phylogentic trees revealed two evolutionary
lineages of Scaridae (scarainae) and Wrasses that
probably outline to that Scaridae be supposed to retain
family status. Results obtained here are possibly beneficial
for valuable parootfishes taxonomy, management,
and conservation issues. Additional generated partial
DNA sequence from other parrotfishes using the same
cytochrome b genes specific primers employed here
could provide useful contribution to parrotfishes classification,
phylogenic evolutionary studies in the Red Sea